Copywriter, Content Writer & Editor

Tracey Rayson

Tracey is Yardstick’s creative wordsmith who brings an extensive and varied writing background to the table. Whether it’s through writing SEO-friendly content, blogging, developing an effective business story or reshaping existing work, she enjoys the challenge of creating effective messaging for Yardstick’s clients.

With an English Major (BA) degree from SFU and a litany of academic courses in editing and journalism, Tracey has perfected her interviewing skills to an art. Diligent preparation and research, and asking questions others might not think to ask helps her communicate complex products and services in an appropriate style, tone, and voice for a client’s audience. Simply put — words that best represent each client’s brand to enhance their customer engagement.

Detail oriented with a savvy ability to use both experience and intuition to inform decisions, Tracey’s a passionate storyteller (she began her career in travel writing) and believes effective copy is about narrative, relevance, authenticity, and telling a brand’s story. In return, it means conversion-focused content that drives a dialogue and desired results to meet a company’s business goals.

Tracey targets the emotional need of a clients’ audience with a focus on the product’s benefits to ensure the reader makes the connection; she believes one cannot influence people if one can’t connect in a meaningful way.

When she puts her notepad down, you’ll find her throwing wine parties, on a tennis court, taking in a movie with friends, or exploring the Tri-Cities’ local trails with her adopted springer spaniel, Lucky.

The Inside Scoop

  • If I weren’t living this life at a web company I would be:A teacher.
  • Dream job:National Geographic Traveler staff writer.
  • Never have I ever:Seen a Star Wars movie.

Facts About Tracey

  1. Swam with bottlenose dolphins in the Red Sea in southern Israel
  2. Hitchhiked across New Zealand.
  3. Went on stakeouts with her dad, a private detective, when she was 10.
  4. Rode an ostrich in South Africa.