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SEO Specialist


Richard got his Bachelor of Science at UBC and a Certification in Data Analytics at Lighthouse Labs in Vancouver. He says most of his knowledge in SEO comes from self-teaching.

With a strong passion for E-commerce Richard has had the opportunity to manage multiple SEO projects for both E-commerce and SaaS companies.

Some of his work involves backlink gap analysis, competitive research, keywords research and technical SEO. He has also assisted businesses with their analytics and defined their goals and key metrics. Richard has a proven track record of planning and executing online ads, including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns with high ROI.

He really enjoys doing competitive research for a deeper understanding of the industry and discovering how other businesses generate their growth.

Richard also likes testing different strategies and theories and staying current with the latest knowledge in his field, by reading articles and bouncing ideas off his teammates.

Richard has two mottos: Excellent is a habit and Practice problem solving.

When not working on Yardstick projects you can often Richard hiking or walking with his dog, bowling with his girlfriend or playing basketball with friends.

The Inside Scoop

  • If I weren’t living this life at a web company I would be:I would be running a small smoothie shop
  • Dream job:Professional basketball player
  • Never have I ever:Used someone else’s toothbrush

    Facts About Richard

    1. Lived long term in four different countries
    2. His wingspan is shorter than his height
    3. Was afraid of dogs before he got a dog of his own
    4. Always dreamed of being a professional athlete