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Elvis is a seasoned copywriter and SEO expert who has spent the near part of a decade helping businesses of all sizes build their online presence. He takes great pride in writing engaging content and telling a company story that deserves to be heard, and utilizing SEO strategies to promote visibility.

Elvis developed a passion for writing and storytelling in high school. It started with writing song lyrics and short stories but would later transform into something much more profound. After he graduated from the University of Manitoba with an economics and finance degree, he worked as a financial analyst and a finance policy writer before finding his true passion. 

With a lifelong passion for business, he became involved in his first startup in 2017. It was a new, innovative product in a highly competitive market, which proved to be the ultimate challenge for Elvis. Within a few years, his digital marketing strategy and storytelling resulted in outranking the industry’s biggest brands. He has carried his love and passion for digital marketing forward to help other companies achieve incredible results in the past several years. 

Elvis has had the underdog mentality his entire life. He always believed in putting in work the right way and to never get discouraged, which is a philosophy that guides him when it comes to helping businesses with their marketing goals. 

In his spare time, Elvis loves to BBQ for his family and experiment with new recipes. He believes his secret burger sauce will be worth millions one day. He also enjoys photography, producing music and playing guitar during his off time. 

The Inside Scoop

  • If I weren’t living this life at a web company I would be:Running an animal sanctuary taking care of all sorts of animals from dogs to giraffes.
  • Never have I ever:Tried eggnog.

    Facts About Elvis

    1. Lived in China for 2 months
    2. Sold shirts out of his locker in high school
    3. English was the 3rd language he learned
    4. Once made the final audition of Dragon’s Den but the episode never aired