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Project Manager


A facilitator and problem-solver, Debby is the driver behind effective communication and constructive solutions as Yardstick’s Project Manager. A multidisciplinary executive, she’s armed with the know-how to jump right in, establish an objective, and lead a cross-functional team with cohesion and commitment to produce quality project deliverables. An organizing whiz,Debby is adept at getting everyone on board with the project’s strategic vision — the kind of alignment that gives structure to collaboration and generates successful project progression. Additionally, she creates and manages what is necessary to reach all of our objectives: milestones, tasks and sub-tasks, while determining ways to shorten the project timeline. She implements efficiency with ease, her superpower, in her words, doing things right and optimizing Yardstick’s systems and processes.

Debby possesses a solid background in project management, having successfully managed the complete lifecycle of hundreds of projects with a timely delivery on budget and on scope. This experience has expertly positioned her to develop and demonstrate an understanding of our client’s business, anticipate their needs, expectations, requirements and success measures.

Acting as the point-of-contact for all day-to-day project-related efforts, Debby effectively relays client communications to the Yardstick team to execute tasks and act as a liaison between both parties. She recognizes that projects both big and small require the same level of attention, her key objective, while she strives to achieve the moments when all stakeholders’ goals are met beyond expectation.

With a passion for digital life, Debby hails from the video production industry and has a proven record of success with over 20 years as a post-production maven; she created and edited dynamic digital content that infused brand messaging with a sense of purpose and utility. Her solid web content and advertising chops add to her portfolio of core competencies.

Beyond fulfilling her Yardstick duties, you’re apt to find Debby dining with friends or family, spending time with Burleigh, her English springer spaniel, and cleaning up after her kids. When Debby’s not glued to her laptop, she’s likely dispensing a dose of her unfailing humour and having a good laugh. And no one can make her laugh harder than her sister, Jenn.

The Inside Scoop

  • If I weren’t living this life at a web company I would be:A Scuba Master
  • Dream job:Philanthropist
  • Never have I ever:played the game, "Never have I ever…

    Facts About Debby

    1. A mom of triplets
    2. Loves her summer cottage on Stoney Lake, Ontario
    3. A self-professed carboholic
    4. Loves every decade more than the previous one
    5. Changes her hair colour as frequently as she washes her car