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Owner & CTO


Self-described technology aficionado, Brendon (Kevin’s brother), is Yardstick’s technical brain and the talent behind research and development. On a regular basis, Brendon is resolving technical problems, providing website maintenance and client support, while networking to sustain business development.

His breadth of experience is based on a foundation of ongoing web development and business education from BCIT, in addition to his Bachelors of psychology from SFU — academics that have enhanced his strategic/analytical thinking regarding business decisions. Having completed eBay’s corporate training program, Brendon gained practical insight about how design and business decisions affect clients and users, which has helped him to become a more proficient teacher and trainer to our clients and team members.

With a deep-seated passion to create a system of development that becomes a standard for other web development companies to follow, Brendon is dedicated to producing efficient processes and researching new platforms and technologies.

In an ongoing effort to meet this goal, he is continuously refining and improving our development process, communicating regularly with clients to keep them involved, and checking in regularly with team members to ensure they have the knowledge and support needed.

When it comes to business relationships, Brendon’s philosophy is to always give each client’s site the same level of attention and care as he would his own. He strives for simplicity and efficiency, abides by industry standards, and is zealous in his effort to make sites as easy to manage as possible. In other words, his commitment to create a product that helps our clients improve their businesses and lives is the cornerstone to what makes Yardstick a premier company.

Periodic industry training helps keep Brendon current with any changes to existing technology/platforms, in addition to reading technology blogs on new and emerging trends.

When Brendon turns off his computer, you’ll find him making homebrew and going to craft breweries around East Van. If he’s not attending a Whitecaps game, he’s playing soccer or taking it easy playing tabletop games with friends and family. Guitar playing is in his DNA, too, so you’ll likely hear him strumming a few chords around a campfire.

The Inside Scoop

  • If I weren’t living this life at a web company I would be:Creating a home automation business
  • Dream job:Sports psychologist for the Vancouver Canucks
  • Never have I ever:Gone bungee jumping (but would like to)

    Facts About Brendon

    1. Avid Hearthstone player
    2. Drinks Soylent every day
    3. Was a background artist in a MC Hammer movie