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Our Story

Founded in 2006 by Kevin McLeod, Yardstick Services is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency, creating industry-leading websites that produce measurable action and solid online results for our clients.

Located in Metro Vancouver, Yardstick Services was originally created as a consulting company to support executives working on specific business development initiatives. In 2008, the strategy officially shifted to focus on small and medium-sized businesses’ web design. A flat monthly-rate business model was created with affordable budgetary controls.

In 2009, Brendon McLeod, formerly with eBay, joined his brother as web development manager and co-partner. Shortly thereafter, we determined the company required someone to come on board as a jack-of-all-trades, a generalist to help execute our internet marketing and content development. However, it was evident almost immediately that in order to grow, we required specialists.

An uptick in growth began in 2011 and Yardstick Services became a four-person company until 2014. In 2015, we began building business systems and documenting our processes to ensure that our team could work together to build and manage websites and execute internet marketing campaigns consistently across a wide range of clients. Thereafter, we began to fill specialists’ roles, people with tight skill sets — innovative, agile professionals.

We have a growing team, including a few positions filled remotely by team members in other parts of Canada, the US and the Philippines. We embrace the fluidity of the industry and will continue to be relevant, while we adapt and evolve quickly and decisively to its changing conditions.